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Unlimited access to instructor-led classroom training courses for one year. Take a classroom course at the price and flexibility of an online course. Discounts are applied in the shopping cart.

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Career development is a never-ending struggle and rightly so as technology keeps changing and business is getting more complex. In order to update, develop, and acquire new skills you need to be on a continuous learning path. Besides honing your hard technical skills you need to be on the lookout for efficiency and improvement in everything you do. To develop skills, you need to connect with a diverse group of people but you also need flexibility due to the ever demanding and changing schedule. This restricts participation in various learning opportunities and you are limited to learning on your own which severely reduces the learning and benefits. This is where membership based solutions are very effective.

We offer a membership-based solution that is highly flexible, cost-effective and provides you a tremendous opportunity to network with people outside your organization.

A one-year membership gives you great flexibility in choosing, scheduling, repeating and even customizing your courses. This fantastic opportunity is complemented by highly rated experienced instructors and amazingly affordable membership pricing.

Depending on the membership level…

  • Take a scheduled course anytime during the membership year
  • Each course is guaranteed to be offered at least 5 times during the year
  • Taken the course once but want to repeat it? Register and come back for another session
  • Cannot take the full course? Take half now and rest later
  • Repeat a session for exam prep and certification course to improve your chances of success
  • One year membership starts on the first day of your first course or 60 days whichever comes first and not on the day you sign-up
  • unlimited email support provided (48 hrs guaranteed reply)
  • You can get up to 80 hours of instructor-led training
  • Get completion certificate for each course you attend

Still unsure? Why don’t you register as a guest for one of our upcoming course and attend 2-4 hours. Completely free and no obligation. If you wish to continue to complete the course or become a member, you can join up on the spot during break time.

Group options and discounts on membership

  • Group discounts are available and automatically applied. Larger the group membership, larger the discount. Please contact to discuss.
  • If you are a group of 10 or more, call/email us to discuss a flexible scheduling option that can meet your group’s specific needs.

Membership Levels

Total instructor-led class days3510
Instructor-Led Classroom Coursesincluded in the membership level
► PMP Project Management - 2 days + Online content
► PMP Bootcamp* - 2 days + Online content
► Six Sigma Green Belt - 2 days + Online content
► Six Sigma Yellow Belt - 1 day + Online content
► Writing Effective Business Cases - 1 day
► Successful Change Management - 1 day
► Agile Scrum Workshop - 1 day
► Microsoft Project 2016 - 2 days
► PBA (Business Analysis) - 2 days + online content
► ACP (Agile Certification) - 2 days + online content
► ITIL Foundation - 2 days
Discount on courses over the limit25% off35% off50% off
Online MaterialOnly courses takenOnly courses takenAll
Reschedulingonce onlyunlimitedunlimited
Attendanceone repeat onlyunlimitedunlimited
In-House Sessions-1 for minimum group size of 102 for minimum group size of 8
Additional Participants - Attend Free Course-1 for every 10 participants1 for every 5 participants
Membership Fee per participant**$1,595$2,195$3,495

Who Can Benefit

Individuals who want to develop professionally will find the membership a valuable approach.

However, this option is well suited for teams at any level in an organization. Instead of making everyone sit through every training, you can buy the membership for your team where each member will have his or her own customized learning plan to become a highly productive contributor to the organization.

If you have a question, please email or call us and we can help you determine how much value you can get from the membership.



Registered participants may be able to attend the same course as many times as they like within the membership year based on membership level. Usually it is hard to find time to come back for the same course again but it can be an effective strategy when preparing for a certification exam. A course retake can help understand concepts better and refresh memory.

However, this retake option does not rollover to next year. For example, Tracy took PMP prep course in year one but could not find time to prepare for the exam but six months later within the same membership year (i.e. year one) she decided to go for the test. She can join any upcoming session within the year. But, in case, she comes back a year later (i.e. year two of membership) to take the course again, it will be considered that she has used up two of the days available to her during the second year of membership.

The countdown to one year of membership starts from the day the first employee of a member company either accesses online material or takes an instructor led classroom course or 60 days have passed since membership was bought, whichever comes first. 

In case of individual signups, the same conditions apply.

We strive to provide you continuous learning and hope that you will never cancel your membership, however, sometimes changing circumstances may necessitate such an action. Please see below for conditions of refund:

Full Refund: 

  1. Requested within first 30 days of payment of membership fee,
  2. Never signed up for any of the training sessions,
  3. Never accessed any online material, and
  4. If signed up for a session cancelled at least one week before the session.

Partial Refund with a deduction of $250:

  1. Requested within first 30 days of payment of membership fee and if signed up for a session and did not cancel at least one week before the session, or
  2. Requested within first 60 days of payment of membership fee.

Partial Refund with a deduction of regular course fee of all the courses attended:

  1. Requested within first 60 days of payment of membership fee,
  2. If signed up for a session and did not cancel at least one week before the session.

No Refund:

  1. After 60 days of payment of membership fee or
  2. if the regular fee of courses attended is more than the membership fee.



There are two ways employees of a member company can register.

  1. By sending an email to and requesting which session they wish to register
  2. By filling the form Register For A Course.

In either case, a registration confirmation from GetxInstitute is required to attend the session.


This is an annual membership plan. It starts from the day the first employee of a member company either accesses online material or takes an instructor led classroom course or 60 days have passed since membership was bought, whichever comes first. 

The number of courses that an individual will be able to take depends on the plan. For example, Cathy is an employee of a company who has the Proactive membership. She has 5 classroom days available so she decided to take one 2-day course and three 1-day courses. John, from the same company, decided to take two 2-day courses and one 1-day course.

Based on membership level, you may get a free in-house session for any course. Though the core material does not change, we do modify and fine tune the course content for your specific needs and deliver the training at your place and on a mutually agreed time. Please note that only registered participants are allowed to attend such a session. Any additional participant will be charged at a discounted rate or you can use your free tickets, if any, for additional employees to join.

Membership level can be upgraded anytime. You will have to pay the difference of membership fee only.

Membership downgrading can only happen in first 60 days of membership year subject to the condition that membership usage has been within the downgraded level.

Yes absolutely. You can include more employees anytime. The good thing is that discount will still apply as if they were joining with the original group. Please contact us for your specific scenario and we will help you make the right decision.

If any of your employee wishes to take instructor-led classroom course above the quota days, the discount will apply for all such courses. The discount is based on membership level.

This offer gives you an opportunity to send one or more of your employees for one single training free of cost. For example, ‘1 for every 5 participants’ means that if you have registered 5 employees, you can send one employee for one training free of cost. If you registered 22 employees you have 4 free seats that you can send one or upto 4 participants (other than the registered ones) to any course.

Loyalty discount only kicks in year two of the membership. Any company who has been a member for one year, will get a discount on membership fee for later years. The discount depends on group size and membership level. For larger groups on Strategic plan, it can result in a total discount of up to 50%.

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