PMP Exam Sample Tests


Full-length realistic PMP sample tests. Practice to get ready for the PMP exam and improve your chances to pass on your first try.


Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the highly in-demand and leading certifications.  There are two areas to focus on when preparing for the PMP exam. One is to understand the concepts and the second is to practice. The best way to practice is to take PMP sample tests and go through hundreds and even thousands of questions. Build stamina to sit for four hours to take the exam. Practice to get familiar with types of questions and simply reduce the chances of making blunders on the actual exam.

GetxInstitute offers… 

  • Full-length tests consisting of 200 questions similar to the actual exam
  • Test duration of 4 hours for each test exactly as the actual exam
  • Simulated tests just like the real exam
  • Difficulty level similar to the actual exam
  • Questions distribution comparable to the actual exam
  • Questions can be marked for review just like the actual exam
  • Continuous 4 hours exam with no time stop exactly like the actual exam
  • Detailed explanation of answers for each question (Only for Test # 1-3)
  • Detailed evaluation report showing your areas of strengths and weaknesses (Only for Test # 1-3)


Price per test gets lower if you buy more tests. Time-limited discount on the regular price, if available, is shown beside the regular price. If you have a coupon, the discount will apply in the shopping cart.

What is included?

  • These PMP sample tests cover…

    • Comprehensive curriculum based on Project Management Body of Knowledge (6th Edition)
    • Situational questions using scenarios to check comprehension of real-life application
    • Process flow questions to test how project processes are sequenced and performed
    • Input-Tools & Techniques-Output (ITTO) questions to evaluate your ability to apply a process
    • Definition questions to see how well you interpret the concepts
    • Calculation questions to verify the computational side of project management knowledge

Note: Only Tests # 1-3 have detailed explanations provided as part of the review. Tests # 4-9 only provide the correct answers.

Evaluation Report

The evaluation report shows your strengths and weaknesses by…

  • Process groups
  • Knowledge areas
  • Processes
  • Types of questions

Note: Only one report will be provided covering up to 3 tests (Test # 1-3)

Please check the following link to see what this report will look like…

>>>  Sample PMP Practice Tests Evaluation Report  <<<


Access time limit

The time limit to access these sample tests is based on how many tests you buy.

  • 30 days for test # 1
  • 60 days for test # 1 – 3
  • 90 days for test # 1-5
  • 120 days for test # 1-9


Can I practice?

The PMP exam prep sample tests are suitable for professionals who need to practice to get ready for the PMP exam. These tests are also well suited for PMP certified individuals to practice question-answers based on the latest PMBOK guide 6th Edition. They will also be able to collect PDU. 

If you are in doubt, please email or call us and we can help you determine how much value you can get from this course.


Yes. You can buy the online simulated tests to prepare for the exam. Click the PMP Simulated Tests to see more details and buy the sample tests.

We provide 35 PDU (Professional Development Unit) through 16 hours of in-class instruction followed by 19 hours of online work. This training is recognized by PMI as fulfilling the education requirement of PMP certification.

You can the start the application process by going to PMI Certifications and starting a new application. Please also read the PMP Credential Handbook available in pdf format at the PMI website.

We would highly recommend that before you start your application, check your education and experience requirements whether you meet them or not. If you do not have the 35 hours of formal training in project management, join a PMP course to collect your hours and also get on your way to prepare for the exam.

Our course will not just provide you the required hours but will also help you prepare for the exam.


If you are a PMI member when you register for the exam, the cost is US$ 405 + applicable taxes. For non-members, the cost is US$ 555 + applicable taxes.

The PMI membership fee is US$ 129 + applicable taxes for one year plus US$10 when joining PMI the first time.

Note: Please check PMI website for the current fees.

There are two main requirements to be eligible to take the PMP certification exam.

Education: A minimum 35 contact hours of formal training in project management

Experience: Number of hours required depends on years of formal education as given below.

  1. Minimum 7,500 hours over minimum 5 years and maximum 8 years when the PMP aspirant has a high school diploma or an associate degree.
  2. Minimum 4,500 hours over minimum 3 years and maximum 8 years when the PMP aspirant holds a 4 years’ Bachelor degree or equivalent or postgraduate education.

PMP (Project Management Professional) is a certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). It can be acquired by passing the PMP certification exam. By end of 2016, there were over 725,000 certified PMPs in the world. Being a PMP means the certification holder has acquired enough knowledge and experience to work as a seasoned project professional.

This is one of the most sought certifications in the business world.


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