In-House Training

in-house trainingThere are many benefits of doing an in-house training session.

Specific skills can be built using focused customized training. Your employees will spend minimum time in the class and will take away the most valuable information and skills that they can be applied directly to their work.

In-House Training is Cost Effective

These sessions can be made quite cost-effective. The cost typically depends on the level of customization required and the size of the group. Lesser the customization and the bigger the group the lower the cost per person is.

Detailed Business Relevant Discussions

Since all the participants in such a session are from the same organization and in most cases are colleagues working in the same location or group, it becomes an excellent opportunity to discuss their business issues in detail. In addition, it helps learn best practices and how these can be applied to their workplace.

Though our instructors are not in the role of a consultant the nature of these sessions inadvertently put them in a position of a facilitator, consultant, and/or advisor. Hence, in-house training becomes more or less a corporate improvement initiative.

You can have up to two in-house sessions for free if you are a member of GetxInstitute. Read more at Group Membership.

You will get the training customized to your needs and focused on issues that matter to you. Also, it will be delivered in a way that works best for your employees. So please contact us today to discuss.